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Sunken Cemetery

Sunken cemetery in The Philippines

Sunken cemetery in The Philippines

Travel Photography from The Philippines

Today is Blog Action Day 2010, the subject is water. In aid of supporting a cause that makes up most of our bodies and the planet we live on here is  post about protecting out water based tourism locations. You can check out their website here blogactionday.change.org

I really don’t know what the sunken cemetery in Camiguin Island in The Philippines is not more popular? In fact, it’s actually endangered as the local government wishes to build a new ferry terminal nearby.

The sunken cemetery is located on the small island of Camiguin off the north coast of Mindanao. You can hire a small boat man to paddle you over (4 mins). Or, you can swim over. Though again, here confusion rocks tourism as some people say you are not allowed to swim here.

All around the giant white cross are tombs that are under water. An earthquake stemming form a volcanic eruption sunk the cemetery. While most are now covered in coral. You can still make out the odd cross or two.

If anything, this place, in my view, should be protected, and not endangered by a new ferry terminal. Get there, before it’s too late!

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  1. FotoArk says:

    Travel Photo: Sunken Cemetary – In Aid of Blog Action Day – Water http://su.pr/7Wk9t1

  2. Travel Photo: Sunken Cemetery – In Aid of Blog Action Day – Water http://su.pr/7Wk9t1

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