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Privacy Policy

FotoArk takes your privacy seriously. As such the following privacy policy is strictly adhered to.

You may give FotoArk personal information about you, such as your name, your contact email and other contact details on various places on the website.

Comments submitted to FotoArk may be used, without owner description, for future publication and usage for FotoArk materials.
The information you give FotoArk will never be rented, sold, or shared to third parties.

You may request to have your own comment either edited or removed by using the contact form. However due to the nature of the website, there maybe a delay of 4 plus weeks in waiting for a response.

In the unlikely event a comment on FotoArk causes you offence, or if your feel another commenter is harassing you, then feel free to write using the contact form; stating your issues/reasons.

FotoArk does not engage in spam, 3rd party email lists, or public newsletters of any kind.


Copyright statement

All text, video and photography within this site are protected under U.S. and international laws as copyrighted works and are the exclusive property of FotoArk. Excluding: thumbnail images or photographs where by the original author is linked to, or mentioned,any image ads or image ad related links; and or any image, text or video material used for purposes of reporting or journalistic viewpoints.

Anyone who displays, reproduces, copies, creates derivative works, or sells textual, photographic, video or audiovisual programs for commercial or non-commercial purposes without permission violates international copyright law and is liable for copyright infringement.

Liability for copyright or trademark infringement involves the potential for significant civil damages, including in particular cases, statutory damages, liability for up to three times actual damages, and attorneys legal fees.


1) Can I use any photograph on FotoArk?

Yes, with the following 3 conditions:

  1. Only for non commercial purposes
  2. Email FotoArk first
  3. Link back to FotoArk stating that FotoArk is the copyright holder

Example: You may use this image so long as you email first, and then give a link back to FotoArk –

Lahore, Pakistan
Lahore in Pakistan

(photograph credit: FotoArk)

You may not use any photography that is supplied by a 3rd party on FotoArk e.g. guest photographers, or photographs indicating that they belong to someone else.

2) Can I use any text from FotoArk?

Yes, again you need to abide my the following:

  1. Only for non commercial purposes
  2. Email FotoArk first
  3. Link back to FotoArk stating that FotoArk is the copyright holder

Example: “Many photographers do not understand the benefits of SEO …” (source: FotoArk)

3) I would like submit photographs to FotoArk, who owns the copyright?

You do! FotoArk is strongly committed to copyright protection. Any article, post, or photograph you submit to FotoArk remains accredited to you.

For submission of photographs you may host your photographs and FotoArk will link to you. You may also watermark them, or let FotoArk do it for you.

4) I would like submit an article to FotoArk, who owns the copyright?

Again, you do! However we would ask that you submit original content and do not submit it to another site.

5) I have a question about all this, what can I do?

No problem, just send us an email with your question.

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