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SEO for WordPress photographers

WordPress is the world’s most popular blogging software. It’s free, easy to install, and comes pretty much ready in terms of SEO your posts.

For your images and photographs though, you’ll need to add a little bit more.

Here’s how to use SEO for your photographs on WordPress:

Wordpress screen of image upload
Take a look at this screen capture and see the areas you should fill in
  • Note the File name: its Tibetan-Monks-Nepal.jpg

Having the file name describe the image, is said to improve it’s SEO.

  • Title – Tibetan Monks – Nepal.

Short and sweet, this gives you reference on WordPress to what the image is.

  • Alternative Text

This needs to be filled in. If the image does not appear, the text well.

  • Caption

This is what will appear beneath the image as it is displayed on you post. It’s a good place to throw in some more references to the image. But, equally so you can write anything you want in here.

  • Description

Here is where you will write a longer description of what the image is all about. This is basically the same as describing the image to a friend over the phone. Only in this case, the search engine is the one who is listening / reading.

Five points to remember for SEO on WordPress

These 5 points will all greatly aid in SEO for you photographs. Which will help greatly in getting your images indexed, and searched.

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