New cameras expected in 2013

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What new cameras will be released in 2013?

We are barely into 2013 and already an army of loyal camera owners are salvating at the mouth for long awaited upgrades to cameras and lenses. What can we expect in 2013? Let’s jump in and find out.

New Canon cameras for 2013

EOS 7D Mark II – It’s now the year that it’s due. Expect a new Sensor, possibly 10fps, and ISO upwards of 25600

There is a problem though. Will the 70D take it’s glory?

EOS 70D – Same Sensor as 7D Mark II, possibly 10fps, a 3? flip screen, plus ISO 25600

If we were to hedge a bet it will be either one or the other …

EOS M2 – A brand new mirrorless camera

EOS 1DSx – Canon’s big megapixel camera is due in 2013

New Nixon cameras for 2013

D7200 – will have 39 AF points and ISO range up to 25,600

D9000 – new sensor, 8-10 fps, 51 AF points

V3 – new mirrorless camera will be announced

Nikon did not perform all that well in 2012 … leading into 2013 and it looks like they may have to pull one out of the bag to regain ground in sales.

New Olympus cameras for 2013

We don’t expect much here in terms of pro cameras. PEN and consumer models only.

New Sony cameras for 2013

The Sony Alpha range is becoming the third choice in pro photographers gear bags. Are sales enough to keep them going with development … we think so. With Olympus leaving the pro market Sony has a niche if they can keep up current standards.


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