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Kerak Telor from Indonesia

Kerak Telor's Vendor at Kota Tua Jakarta
Kerak Telor's Vendor at Kota Tua Jakarta

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Kerak Telor is a traditional Indonesian snack originated from Jakarta (Betawi). It looks like scrambled egg but has different flavor.  The main ingredients are sticky rice, duck/chicken eggs, top with dried shrimp and shredded coconut.

In the Colonial Era, Kerak Telor is considered as privilege food for the rich; today, you can find it on local street vendors. However, with the economic expansion and Betawi community being pushed out of the city, it cannot be easily found nowadays.

You have to go to Betawi Conservation Village in South Jakarta or Kota Tua (Jakarta Old Town) in West Jakarta to get it.

During the celebration of Jakarta Anniversary from mid June to mid July each year, Kerak Telor can be found easily in Kemayoran area where the festival is being held annually.

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