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Castle Dracula

Castle Dracula in Romania
Castle Dracula in Romania

Travel Photography from Romania:

Bran Stoker never knew about this place. But, Vlad Tepes, the man Stoker based the Dracula character on did, once, stay here. Maybe.

I’ll be the first one to admit that I was disappointed at this castle. It is more of a tower than a castle. A museum to Queen Marie is inside, and there are no Vlad references.

That said, outside you will be subjected to countless touts selling Dracula souvenirs.

Don’t worry though, coming up soon on FotoArk will be a real castle from Romania where I am sure Vlad really did stay. And yes, it’s gothic!

People Philippines Photography

Drummers from Camiguin Island, The Philippines

Drummers from Camiguin Island in The Philippines
Drummers from Camiguin Island in The Philippines

Camiguin Island is just off the north coast of Mindanao in the south of The Philippines.

Every year around October there is the annual Lanzone’s festival which celebrates the harvesting of the small fruit this island is known for.

During the week long event there are many parades and festivities. The crowning of Ms. Camiguin island is the show’s main event. Amongst all this will be live music created by locals.

The above photograph are local drummers who’ve painted their faces to match their yellow & red costumes.

Philippines Photography Places

Colorful boat on a tropical blue sea

Colorful boat on a tropical beach
Colorful boat on a tropical beach in The Philippines

Travel Photography from The Philippines

Boats like this in The Philippines are known as “bankas”. They transport people short distances all over small islands, or along the coast.

They are also used for fishing, and transporting goods. Some are decorated with bright colors like this one, which make them really stand out.

Iran Photography Places

Image of the World Square at night, Iran

Imam Square Esfahan Iran at Night
Imam Square Esfahan Iran at Night

Travel Photography from Iran:

Imam square or Naghsh-e Jahan Square in Isfahan (Esfahan) ran. Noted for it’s extreme beauty this is a great place to come at night to see local Iranians taking quite walks in the square.

A peaceful and tranquil place that’s also surrounded by some great places to eat!

India Photography Places

Golden sunrise on the Ganges, India

Sunset on the Ganges, India
Sunrise on the Ganges, India

Travel Photography from India

Nowhere in the world is there a sunrise like that on the Ganges. Golden colors sweeps along its sandy shores and sparkle like nowhere else. A 5am wake up call is needed, but for a once in a lifetime experience it’s worth it.