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Nepalese Girl with Green Eyes

The Green Eyed Girl from Nepal

Nepalese Girl with Green Eyes

Nepalese Girl with Green Eyes

Travel Photography from Nepal

Nepal has many wonders. Amongst the most impressive are the people. Distinctly individual, they are honorable and hard working. Though in these modern times many of the younger generation are exhibiting big city traits.

But step back and trek into the mountains and you will meet some of the nicest most honest people you will find anywhere on earth.

A unique almost Aryan look bestows so many people here. Usually dark eyed, this girl caught my attention due to her green eyes. Something that’s not so unusual in Nepal, but unusual enough not to see everyday.

I genetic trait that’s thousands of years old then Nepal was a haven for great trading routes.

Old streets of Patan Nepal

Streets of Bhaktapur, Nepal

Old streets of Patan Nepal

Old streets of Bhaktapur Nepal

Travel Photography from Nepal:

Bhaktapur street view.  It’s like walking in another world, or in another time. Easy to walk, Bhaktapur‘s streets are surprisingly well kept. At least in the old part of town.

Skipping Bhaktapur when visiting Nepal would be a huge mistake!

Patan roof top view, nepal

Rooftops of Patan, Nepal


Patan roof top view, nepal

Patan roof top view, Nepal

Travel Photograph from Nepal

It’s like another world. A snapshot taken from a movie set. But, Patan is a living and breathing city in Nepal. Not all of the rooftops look like this, but this is a prime example of what should be protected and preserved today.

A living and breathing historical city accessible to all.