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Khyber Pass Valley of Kings

Car on the Khyber Pass Pakistan
A lone car on the Khyber Pass, Pakistan

Travel Photography from Pakistan:

The Khyber pass is synonymous with the word legend and travel. From Alexander The Great to Gengis Khan, they have all traveled this pass that links Europe / Central Asia with East Asia.

It is, and still is one of the worlds greatest trading routes. Though, today it’s no longer spices and gold that are transported through it. It’s guns, drugs and people.

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Techno colored chickens from Pakistan

Colored Chickens in Pakistan
A box of colored Chickens in Pakistan

Travel Photography from Pakistan:

A bright yellow baby chicken is not an uncommon sight. But what about a neon pink or orange? In Pakistan this is also quite normal!

In many markets you will see brightly colored chicks waiting to be sold. Even brightly painted eggs. It’s not a way of marking them out either.

The answer is quite simple. To make them more attractive to buyers. Brightly colored chickens are more likely to sell than ordinary chickens. So says the market seller.

I’ve seen this in a few places, but not to the extent of neon glowing colors being used. That said, it must work!

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