Pakistan Photography Places

Khyber Pass Valley of Kings

Car on the Khyber Pass Pakistan
A lone car on the Khyber Pass, Pakistan

Travel Photography from Pakistan:

The Khyber pass is synonymous with the word legend and travel. From Alexander The Great to Gengis Khan, they have all traveled this pass that links Europe / Central Asia with East Asia.

It is, and still is one of the worlds greatest trading routes. Though, today it’s no longer spices and gold that are transported through it. It’s guns, drugs and people.

China Photography Places

Bronze Chinese guardian lions in the forbidden city China

Bronze statue in the Forbidden city
Bronze statue in the Forbidden city

Bronze statue in the Forbidden city China

Bronze Imperial guardian lions guard entrance ways into the Forbidden city in Beijing China. Based on myth these creatures are said to have powers of protection.

India People Photography

Ritual Washing on the Ganges, India

People washing along the Ganges in Varanassi, India
People washing along the Ganges in Varanasi, India

There is perhaps nowhere else on earth that can replicate what happens every morning along the Ganges river in Varanasi India. The Ganges is India’s national river, it is also the largest river in the Indian sub continent.

More importantly it is the most sacred river in the world for all Hindus.

It is here in Varanasi that many Hindus come to die. Their bodies cremated along the shore, and their ashes placed into the river.

It is also said that the water from the Ganges can heal the sick or dying.Washing in the Ganges is said to rid a person of their sins.

Everyday life along the Ganges in Varanasi is one of the most colorful, fascinating places on earth.

Philippines Photography Places

Reflective sunset in The Philippines with no sun


Sunset over wooden pier in The Philippines
Sunset over wooden pier in The Philippines

Travel Photography from The Philippines

Not every sunset photograph needs to have the sun there. Here a local restaurant along an underdeveloped sea-line makes a stunning foreground to a wonderful sunset.

Still water and a tripod helps!

Philippines Photography Places

Sunken Cemetery

Sunken cemetery in The Philippines
Sunken cemetery in The Philippines

Travel Photography from The Philippines

Today is Blog Action Day 2010, the subject is water. In aid of supporting a cause that makes up most of our bodies and the planet we live on here is  post about protecting out water based tourism locations. You can check out their website here

I really don’t know what the sunken cemetery in Camiguin Island in The Philippines is not more popular? In fact, it’s actually endangered as the local government wishes to build a new ferry terminal nearby.

The sunken cemetery is located on the small island of Camiguin off the north coast of Mindanao. You can hire a small boat man to paddle you over (4 mins). Or, you can swim over. Though again, here confusion rocks tourism as some people say you are not allowed to swim here.

All around the giant white cross are tombs that are under water. An earthquake stemming form a volcanic eruption sunk the cemetery. While most are now covered in coral. You can still make out the odd cross or two.

If anything, this place, in my view, should be protected, and not endangered by a new ferry terminal. Get there, before it’s too late!

Iran Photography Places

Hot sun, ancient columns at Persepolis in Iran

Ancient Columns at Persepolis Iran
Ancient Columns at Persepolis Iran

Travel Photography from Iran:

If you visit the legendary site of Persepolis in Iran you better take some sun screen. Dry desert heat will beat down on you for the day. But, the end result is seeing ancient wonders like these columns that are thousands of years old.

India Photography Places

A tomb that looks like the Taj Mahal in India

Humayun's Tomb in India
Humayun’s Tomb in India

Travel Photography from India:

Nasir ud-din Muhammad Humayun was a Mughal Emperor who ruled present day Afghanistan, Pakistan, and parts of northern India from 1530–1540 only to loose it and regain it again from 1555–1556.

Humayun died in 1556 when during the call to prayer he knelt down, tripped on his robes and hit his head. Injuries sustained left him near death, and three days later he died.

Looking more like a palace than tomb, Humayun’s wife built this tomb for him. Built in the style of the Taj Mahal in style it is one of the finest Mughal monuments in India today.

Photography Places

Techno colored chickens from Pakistan

Colored Chickens in Pakistan
A box of colored Chickens in Pakistan

Travel Photography from Pakistan:

A bright yellow baby chicken is not an uncommon sight. But what about a neon pink or orange? In Pakistan this is also quite normal!

In many markets you will see brightly colored chicks waiting to be sold. Even brightly painted eggs. It’s not a way of marking them out either.

The answer is quite simple. To make them more attractive to buyers. Brightly colored chickens are more likely to sell than ordinary chickens. So says the market seller.

I’ve seen this in a few places, but not to the extent of neon glowing colors being used. That said, it must work!

Photo credit with permission from:

Photography Places Poland

Genocide memorial in Auschwitz-Birkenau, Poland

Genocide memorial in Auschwitz-Birkenau
Genocide memorial in Auschwitz-Birkenau

Travel Photography from Poland

In the woods behind the concentration camp in Auschwitz-Birkenau is something very ominous. Black marble headstones are places in various areas around the area. They mark the spots where the Nazi’s tried to dump the ash from all the bodies they where incinerating.

Used as fertilizer much of it was shipped away to farms. The rest dumped in to fields around the camp. Here ash from human remains was dumped into ponds of water.

Featured Article SEO for Photographers

SEO for photographs – html guide

taj mahal
Example of an image with alt and title information

How do make your photograph’s Search Engine Optimization friendly on a static website?

What’s a static webpage?

Let’s be clear firstly about a few things. A static page in this instance is a html webpage. It’s not referring to WordPress, blogger or any blogging type of site.

Does everyone agree on these SEO methods?

The second this is that there are many people who say yes and no to somethings within the realm of SEO. And, yes and no to other things. In other words there’s no 100% the same method out there. However, there are some standards that even the search engines say you must do, and, a little more too.

List of SEO requirements for photographs

  • Use both an “alt” tag attribute and a “title” tag attribute to describe the content.

These are two of the most important things you must do with your images. They tell the search engine, what your image is, and describes to the search engine what’s in the image.

What’s the difference between “title” text and “alt” text?

Title text tells the search engine about what’s in the image, the context of the photograph. It should be written just like any other sentence describing what is going on in the photograph. The text also shows up when you mouse-over an image, which can be a nice affect.

Alt text (Alternative text) is used if the image cannot be displayed for some reason. It should be short, and basically name the image.

  • Make sure the image filename describes the content of the photo

I am not a huge believer in this, as I think search engines are smarter than that. That said, is certainly can do no harm.Use hyphens to separate the words describing the photograph in the filename

abedofroses or a-bed-of-roses or a_bed_of_roses? Again, I think search engines treat all of these files names the same. People however, will prefer to associate a name with hyphens in general.

  • Place all photographs in a folder called “images”

Search engines crawl methodically. I think keeping all you photographs in one location makes sense for organizing yourself more than for SEO purposes. For that reason alone, I would keep them all in one folder. That folder can then have many sub folders.

How to write ALT and Title text for Photographs

Here is an example of the HTML source code of an optimized image of the “Taj Mahal” logo photo and how it appears on a web page:

< img src=”taj-mahal.jpg” border=”1″ alt=”taj mahal” title=”taj mahal in black and white ” width=”300″ height=”225″ >

In the next post in this series, we’ll cover Photograph SEO for WordPress