India Photography Places

Jewelry engraving in India

close up of man engraving jewelery box in India
close up of man engraving jewelry box in India

Travel Photography from India:

Engraving in India is a popular occupation. People work all day using precious and semi precious materials, yet get paid very little.

Here, a man works with near paper thin gems to place on a jewelry box cover.

Nepal Photography

The Green Eyed Girl from Nepal

Nepalese Girl with Green Eyes
Nepalese Girl with Green Eyes

Travel Photography from Nepal

Nepal has many wonders. Amongst the most impressive are the people. Distinctly individual, they are honorable and hard working. Though in these modern times many of the younger generation are exhibiting big city traits.

But step back and trek into the mountains and you will meet some of the nicest most honest people you will find anywhere on earth.

A unique almost Aryan look bestows so many people here. Usually dark eyed, this girl caught my attention due to her green eyes. Something that’s not so unusual in Nepal, but unusual enough not to see everyday.

I genetic trait that’s thousands of years old then Nepal was a haven for great trading routes.

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Nepal Photography

Streets of Bhaktapur, Nepal

Old streets of Patan Nepal
Old streets of Bhaktapur Nepal

Travel Photography from Nepal:

Bhaktapur street view.  It’s like walking in another world, or in another time. Easy to walk, Bhaktapur‘s streets are surprisingly well kept. At least in the old part of town.

Skipping Bhaktapur when visiting Nepal would be a huge mistake!

Photography Places Spain

Barcelona Skyline, Spain

Barcelona skyline, Spain
Barcelona skyline Spain

Travel Photography from Spain

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. From a nearby hillside the characteristics of this city stand out as being a city of art and character.

India People Photography

Old guard in Varanassi, India

Old guard in Varanassi, India
Old guard in Varanasi, India

Photograph of an old man from India:

How old are you going to be when you retire? This man is past retirement age, but still for 24 hours a day, he guards a small tower overlooking the Ganges. It’s his home, he lives in a small hut beside it. Loyal, dedicated, a different life.

People Photography Tibet

Traditional Tibetan Boy

Tibetan boy with hat
Tibetan boy with hat

Travel Photography from Tibet:

One of the more striking things about traveling in Tibet is how the people look. In many countries we travel “local” people are often dresses in modern clothes. Even in far off mountains you might see a great scene, only to see a corporate brand emblazoned across a tshirt.

The one place you don’t, is Tibet. Even with a mass producing cheap clothes country like China, Tibetans in the countryside are still dressed in thick, woolen clothes. Almost as if from another age, this Tibetan boy shows the red cheeks people from this region are known for. A thick peaked hat, and a heavy coat.

The sun is shining, but the wind is cold. Clothes like this are purely for practical reasons.

India Photography Places

Old watchtower overlooking the Ganges, India

Old Watch Tower in Varanasi India
Old Watch Tower in Varanasi India

Travel Photography from India:

When many people visit the Ganges in Varanasi, they stick to the river itself. But high up above is a long line of wonderful old buildings.

Amongst them, ancient old watch towers. Uses centuries ago to spot invaders from across the shore line.

Nepal Photography Places

Rooftops of Patan, Nepal


Patan roof top view, nepal
Patan roof top view, Nepal

Travel Photograph from Nepal

It’s like another world. A snapshot taken from a movie set. But, Patan is a living and breathing city in Nepal. Not all of the rooftops look like this, but this is a prime example of what should be protected and preserved today.

A living and breathing historical city accessible to all.

Photography Places Romania

Castle Dracula

Castle Dracula in Romania
Castle Dracula in Romania

Travel Photography from Romania:

Bran Stoker never knew about this place. But, Vlad Tepes, the man Stoker based the Dracula character on did, once, stay here. Maybe.

I’ll be the first one to admit that I was disappointed at this castle. It is more of a tower than a castle. A museum to Queen Marie is inside, and there are no Vlad references.

That said, outside you will be subjected to countless touts selling Dracula souvenirs.

Don’t worry though, coming up soon on FotoArk will be a real castle from Romania where I am sure Vlad really did stay. And yes, it’s gothic!